Our Vision


CEO’s Message

SKC® – Global Specialty Materials Company
The Innovative Market Leader

As a member of SK Group, SKC® has been a domestic leader in film and chemical industry for the past 40 years since incorporation in 1976. Being first in the Korea to develop polyester film, we have as well, been continuously striving to improve the chemical industry through technical innovation for the betterment of the mankind and the industry.

As a leading company in film and chemical materials business, we proudly strive to build future growth engines through new high-value businesses and foreign market expansion based on advanced technology and know-how. And more over to seek to become world-class specialty materials company that produces high functional advanced products in the newly growing business area.

We sincerely adhere to our social role and environmental management by securing and developing human resources program in order to realize environmental and ethical management for a sustainable future.

All the members of SKC® are taking a leap towards becoming a global specialty material company by strengthening world competitiveness through global manpower cultivation and infrastructural improvement, with passion for customer satisfaction and challenging minds.

New opportunity lies within the environment changes. We will strive to become a global leader in the advanced material market through mutual respect, cooperation and consistent self-innovation.

We kindly ask for your continuous care and support. Thank you very much

Lee Wan-Jae
President of SKC Co., Ltd.